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Effective Communication: Listening is More Powerful than Speaking


Listening is More Powerful than Speaking

Ever wondered why some people have more power over others than you do? Ever wondered why some leaders are more effective than others? Ever considered why you don't connect with others the way you think you should? If so, this 7-minute read is going to change your life.
Communication isn't only about getting one's point of view across. Whatever your situation, your outcome will be dictated not by your ideas, but by the way you present them.
By learning subtle techniques as outlines in this quick read, you should see a significant increase in your effectiveness as a communicator. You may simply need to modify your vocabulary to ensure team understands exactly what you expect. When you have a difference of opinion others, it you may need to address the issue from their perspective to reach a compromise. Something very simple may be keeping you from communicating effectively. This small book is the perfect tool to help you discover what your sticking point is.
A great leader is rarely the prettiest, handsomest or most qualified. A great leader is one with wildly effective communication skills. "7 Minute Reads: Communication - Listening is More Effective than Speaking" will help you develop them.